A mix of competences to enhance the service design practice

Our world as well as our design discipline quickly evolve. We believe we can build up on service design practices and step in to behold a positive change.

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Careful Approach
Our focus is centered in understanding the reasons of anyone who is involved in the projects. We do this by respectfully coming in and exploring the new context, providing our support and strategy.
Fluid communication
We manage relationships with fluid back and forth, welcoming clients and collaborators to be an active part of our design team.
Courageous spirit
Driven by our curiosity, we love to challenge ourselves by experimenting with new methodologies and finding the courage to reframe problems if needed.
Beyond the ordinary
We always try to go beyond the expected parameters to create unique solutions and try to have somehow an impact with our projects.

Who we are

Roberta Tassi
CEO and Design Director
World-renowned service design pioneer, keen on approaching complexity with a human lens. Big listener, and tireless explorer.
Yulya Besplemennova
Partner and Service-system Design Lead
Designer, thinker, dreamer. Trying to reconfigure human-centered approach with planetary thinking and new methods experimentation. Blue colour addict.
Chiara Albanesi
Partner and Research Insights Design Lead
Humanist adopted by design community. +10 years of experience as researcher, food design explorer, gelato expert, failed but still passionate writer.
Laura Toffetti
Senior UX and Visual Designer
Communication designer focused on UX and visual storytelling. Rational vs creative soul, trying to make information accessible to all. Wannabe illustrator.
Serena Talento
Senior Service Designer
Service designer who uses visual design to understand and redesign meaningful services. Interested in organisations and their complexity. Compulsive sketcher.
Alessandra Del Nero
Senior UX Designer and Strategist
Designer grounded in reality and versed in the future, aiming to build sustainable solutions. Often found in the wild organising information. Hungry reader, plant lover.
Ilaria Gava
Service Designer and Researcher
Service designer and researcher coming from architecture and industrial design background: against borders and barriers between people and disciplines.
Jacopo Sironi
UX and Information Designer
Information designer focused on visualisation of complex systems. Deep thinker with an aesthetic sensibility. Always trying to find the right font.
Elena Iannella
Service Designer
Service designer with a background in communication design. As a designer, I enjoy putting myself in people's shoes. Constantly looking for good movies.
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