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Setflow: revolutionising the world of shooting production

Shaping the service and experience strategy for a new all-in-one photo-shoot management platform that connects brands, producers and talents

Setflow, FightBean
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Could a tailored digital tool and marketplace ease the organization of photo shootings in a short time?
How could the experience be designed to fully support the work of fashion brands, producers, and talents?

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Starting from the intuitions and ideas of the Setflow founder and team, we conducted a detailed assessment of the shooting production process in the context of fashion e-commerces, to understand critical needs and priorities for the Setflow offer. This allowed us to define the scope and experience of the initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and set the foundation for the UX/UI design and development sprints. Further validations were then conducted before the first release, to accompany the MVP towards its launch while reinforcing the interest and engagement of potential users.

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End-to-end experience strategy and design for Setflow multi-user platform. The MVP was launched globally in Autumn 2023 - after 1 year from the initial user research and experience design sprints.

Is it possible to converge the multitude of tools, touchpoints, talents, and tasks needed for a shooting production into a single platform?

To-be experience journey envisioning and map
To-be experience journey envisioning and map

Setflow approached us with an ambitious vision—to create a comprehensive platform that could seamlessly support the entire journey of photoshoot production. Our mission was to design a user-centric experience that encompasses the entire process, from pre-production to final delivery.

By immersing ourselves in different realities, such as studios, in-house production teams, agencies, and freelancers, we conducted extensive research to assess the current state of media production for fashion e-commerce. This approach allowed us to identify pain points and uncover key needs that were common across different stakeholders - such as synchronizing the agenda and the availability of locations, shooting production teams, and talents.
Research insights have set the ground to work with the Setflow team in envisioning a new experience: what role could a digital platform play? What essential value could be provided to the variety of stakeholders involved? We prioritized the core features for the MVP and decided to focus the initial effort on the pre-production phase.

A dashboard as a centralized interface to manage the pre-production process
A dashboard as a centralized interface to manage the pre-production process

A pivotal aspect of the experience design was the creation of a dashboard that empowers set coordinators to arrange various elements of the pre-production process from a single, centralized interface. This comprehensive dashboard enables efficient management of shooting set availability, people, resources and costs all at once.

Designing the user experience of the dashboard was one of the main challenges of the project as it collects and aggregates all the elements into a shooting calendar - that becomes the entry point to most of the coordinator’s flows and actions in the platform itself. We iterated on the overall layout of the calendar and on the detailed information and visual design of every single component multiple times - to get to the first stable version that could be used for validation.

A co-creation workshop to build on the insights from the validation session
A co-creation workshop to build on the insights from the validation session

We validated the first version of the prototype through usability testing sessions with e-commerce professionals from major international brands. This process enriched our understanding of user needs and allowed us to elevate the overall experience and value proposition. The result is a platform with a solid value proposition towards the different target users involved in the photo-shooting pre-production, a modular experience already conceived to host future integrations (for example, related to post-production), and a product launch one year after the initial research and design phase.

While approaching an ever-evolving and fast-paced environment, user research combined with agile design and development allowed us to adapt features in tandem with the development of the business, and create consistency while moving quickly towards delivering a shared vision.

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